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STERI-CLEAN® OREGON - Animal Waste Cleanup

Did you know 68% of households in the United States own a pet? Even though we welcome pets as members of the family, animal waste cleanup and/or animal hoarding can cause damage to your home while creating a multitude of health concerns for you and your family.


Animal Waste Cleanup


Sometimes family pets have accidents inside the home. When these accidents aren’t properly cleaned right away, over time they can saturate carpet - resulting in the need to remove underlying padding and sub-flooring. If the sub-flooring is wooden, it needs to be cleaned, properly disinfected, and sealed to ensure the odor doesn’t return - not to mention ensuring the stains are stopped in their tracks. In more severe cases, sub-flooring needs to be removed. Cat urine, for example, can cause lasting odor problems that are difficult to remove.


Only professional cleaning by STERI-CLEAN® OREGON can deeply penetrate the home’s affected areas and eliminate the odors from animal waste. A thorough inspection can determine the amount of damage and the extent of cleaning necessary to address the problem.

Animal Hoarding Remediation


Animal hoarding occurs when an individual or household has more than an acceptable number of pets and is unable to provide them with proper nutrition, sanitation, and veterinary care. Animals can range from cats and dogs to birds, reptiles, rodents and occasionally even farm animals.


Animal hoarding is a safety and health concern for both humans and animals. The animals will first need to be removed from the dwelling, or moved to a safe location while the home is restored to a safe environment. Next, animal waste will need to be removed and the respective areas properly disinfected.

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