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Steri-Clean® Oregon - Homeless Camp Cleanup

Whether a homeless camp has been set up for a few days or several months, cleanup is never easy. Homeless camps don’t have traditional shelters or amenities, so there is often trash and biohazard materials left behind after the homeless leave. From human waste to garbage to remnants of used drug paraphernalia, homeless camp cleanup can be dangerous. These types of camps can be found on private property, on streets and sidewalks in cities, in wooded areas, and under bridges.


Steri-Clean® Oregon understands that homeless camp cleanup needs to be performed quickly and efficiently. Whether the homeless camp was on private property or public land, what’s left behind can often be dangerous to other people. In some cases, these situations leave the owners or city liable if something happens as a result of the camp. Prior to starting the cleanup, we provide a detailed site evaluation and a detailed plan to clean and disinfect the property.


Call Today for Effective and Thorough Homeless Camp Cleanup


It’s not uncommon to find a wide range of waste such as combustibles, electronic waste, dead animals, and even abandoned vehicles when people move out of a homeless camp. In the case of dead animals, human and animal waste, medical waste, or drug paraphernalia, these things can leave behind a biohazard in which toxic pollutants can harm animals or humans who come into contact with it. Diseases such as Hepatitis, HIV, and AIDS can live for months in used syringes. We ensure everything is picked up and disposed of in the correct manner before using the proper cleaners to fully disinfect the area.


Electronic waste and recyclables need to be disposed of properly. Steri-Clean® Oregon knows how to dispose of a wide range of waste and what cleaners to use to ensure the property is returned to its original state prior to when the homeless set up a camp.

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