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Steri-Clean® Oregon - Decomposition Cleanup

Experiencing the death of a loved one is never easy. Discovering the body is even more traumatic. Oftentimes, an individual dies alone in their home with no witnesses to report the death. Such instances are referred to as unattended death, and can be extremely traumatic for the family members, friends, and neighbors who happen to come upon the scene.


When tragedy strikes, we are here for you. Steri-Clean Oregon has a team of trained and highly skilled biohazard remediation specialists who’ll restore a safe environment after an unattended death.

Body Decomposition Cleanup


Discovering an unattended death is emotional and overwhelming, but can be dangerous as well. It is not uncommon for individuals to be discovered days, weeks, and sometimes even months after death. Bodies begin to decompose in as little as 24 to 72 hours after death. Decomposition cleanup involves the growth of dangerous bacteria that can permeate the clothing, furniture, flooring, and even the air within the home.


As the capillaries break down, blood begins to pool in the body area closest to the ground. Body fluids, including blood and other known biohazards, can seep out and saturate the surrounding surfaces. While the smell of a decomposing body can be overwhelming, the fluids that are left behind causing it can be dangerous. Biohazards need to be cleaned properly and quickly because biohazards such as Hepatitis can live for up to 90 days on some surfaces.


Steri-Clean® Oregon uses a special illuminator to determine if bodily fluids are left behind. If so, EPA Hospital grade cleaners are used to kill any remaining biohazards to get rid of the dangerous contaminants, as well as any lingering odors.


If you have discovered an unattended death, remove yourself from the environment as quickly as possible and call a professional. Steri-Clean® Oregon offers compassionate, fast, and discreet after death cleanup services 24/7. If you need help, call us now at (888) 577-7206.

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